Between Westminster and Edinburgh: Whither the Scottish Proletariat?

Great piece on Scottish independence from Red Century. Uphold the correct line

Red Century


As the SNP calls for another referendum on Scottish Independence, the entire island of Britain is experiencing a collective flashback to the media circus of the first: Scottish elements excitedly plot a glorious new Scottish future, while Westminster repeats its fevered pleas for “British” unity, a unity built by imperialist collaboration and conquest.

It is an almost emotional position for those of us dedicated to the destruction of the imperialist Westminster State that Scotland should secede. What’s more, there is good theoretical basis for this position: Scotland as an “independent” state would not have the economic power abroad which Westminster has, and which is the basis of the latter’s status as an imperialist power. Like the South of Ireland, an “independent” Scotland would be a type of dependent country, not so dominated by foreign capital as semi-colonial countries such as the North of Ireland, but unable to play a significant…

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Red Century is Born

Old Relations Collapse

I am extremely proud to announce the launch of Red Century, a new Marxist-Leninist publication for Britain, which in its own words has chosen today to launch because:

Today is a uniquely important International Working Women’s Day: It is the 100th anniversary of the February Revolution, which began with Russian women striking against the imperialist war the Tsarist state was imposing on the peoples of the Russian Empire. This democratic revolution marked the beginning of the revolutionary process that was to culminate in the October Revolution, the world-shaking moment which still inspires millions around the world today.

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Sie war eine von uns.

From a dear comrade. Martyrs never die. Sehid Namirin.

Old Relations Collapse

Today is the anniversary of Comrade Ivana Hoffmann, internationalist hero and communist fighter who laid down her young life for the liberation of the Kurdish people in Rojava, the defeat of ISIS, and her Marxist-Leninist ideals.

Ivana’s martyrdom affected so many of us in so many ways. I remember first seeing her, with a mask round her face, in a video explaining why she had come to Kobanê in German, and seeing her dark hands and thinking how she was clearly different to the traditional German volunteers for Turkish revolutionary organisations.

Following her martyrdom, we learned just how different she was, from her mixed family background, to her LGBT identity, to her young age and deep dedication to the cause noted by her comrades and those who knew her.

Every nationally conscious Kurd I speak to knows her story by now. She is hailed as a hero by the Kurdish…

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The incoming Trump administration

Donald Trump is about to be inaugurated as president of the United States, the commander-in-chief of the world’s #1 terrorist organization. Now that we know that Trump will serve as the head of U.S. imperialism, the chief exploiter and oppressor of the world’s peoples, what do we do? First, we must take stock of the situation. Look, we are under threat. A more or less open fascist is the president-elect, his cabinet is going to consist of some of the most reactionary politicians around, as well as generals, CEOs, millionaires, and lobbyists. This ‘law and order’ president will most likely going to harshly crack down on BLM and similar groups, he will target immigrants, maybe more than Obama, the climate will become even more under threat, and Mike Pence will be a big player (he’s the guy who likes conversion therapy). Plus, Steve Bannon, a definite fascist and executive chairman of the fascist Breitbart News, is going to be Trump’s chief strategist. Clearly, Trump is awful. So what can we do to combat him?

We need to unite with all who can be united to oppose the rising forces of fascism. This means uniting with all those who understand that the popular masses, not the system, will defeat Trump. The broadest possible united front against fascism is necessary. This united front would draw its strength from the oppressed and exploited masses, in particular the oppressed nationalities, the Afro-American people etc. We need to attack the forces of Trumpism, as well as the Republicrat collaborators. We must show our strength and determination, using every form of extra-parliamentary resistance that the masses decide on. The program which this united front will unite around would be one of intractable opposition to Trumpism and all other forms of fascism, one of struggling for the people’s livelihood, one of opposition to militarism and imperialism. Basically left populism à la Sanders but with an anti-imperialist foreign policy, as a starting point. This united front could serve as the beginnings of a third anti-fascist party of labor and oppressed peoples, an HDP for the USA, say. Our task as revolutionaries is to work to build this front, to enter this front, to struggle within it, and to struggle to lead this front. Our task is to be the vanguard, to provide and use the weapon of Marxism-Leninism and Dialectical Materialism to fight for the concrete liberation of the popular masses.

The anti-Trump struggle is one that the oppressed peoples and workers must lead for it to be prosecuted to victory. If the liberal, Republicrat, Keith-Olbermann-draped-in-a-flag “Resistance” takes leadership of this united front aided by the social-democrats, the opportunists, the labor misleaders, the NGOs and the compradors this struggle is doomed to be defeated and this premature fascist turn will be successful. The US will sink into the mire that is has put so many others into. Only a thoroughgoing anti-fascist united front with Marxist-Leninist leadership that draws its strength from the oppressed and exploited will win a complete victory, a victory that will set the stage for continued struggle, for victorious national democratic revolutions in the oppressed nations and socialist revolution in the US (North).

The US, while it has strong fascist elements that have been developing since at least Reagan, is still a bourgeois democracy. If the US becomes full-fledged fascist, our future struggle will be extremely difficult and the oppressed and exploited will be even more oppressed and exploited by the blackest reaction. We cannot, will not allow this to happen. The masses, will the proletariat and the oppressed nations at their head, will stand up and defeat this rising scourge. We have the power, victory can be one. Let us steel ourselves for battle and destroy the foe. Let us unite and fight.

Death to fascism!

Defeat Trump!

For an anti-fascist peoples front!

What on Earth just happened? Reflections on the election

Donald J. Trump is now the president-elect of the United States of America. And this is something that I think most of us didn’t expect. I thought Clinton would be elected, given that she was obviously preferred by the majority of the imperialist bourgeoisie, and most of the portion of the U.S. population that isn’t white and rural. But the U.S. is still a bourgeois democracy, and the voters are allowed for the most part to select who wins elections, despite numerous constraints. And apparently more voters in the battleground states plus the traditional red states preferred him to Clinton. And now he, the semi-unhinged narcissist, rapist, and fascist, is president-elect, not the status-quo neoliberal war criminal.

So, what caused this? Discontent with the status-quo, white supremacy, economic fears, misogyny, and the fact that there is no strong U.S. left that could serve as pole around which those dissatisfied with the status-quo (in the sense of disgust with Wall Street rule, not multiculturalism) could rally around. Wages have been stagnant since the ’70s, automation and globalization have sent jobs overseas, and the system collapsed in the worse crisis since the Great Depression in ’08. This crisis helped to wreck the white petty-bourgeoisie and labor aristocracy, who revolted. The more progressive of them joined the Sanders campaign, the more reactionary ones the Trump campaign. Anger against the destruction of the post war economic order, anger against the destruction of traditional values, anger at a general sense of loosing their status in society lead these people to vote for Trump. And it was enough for him to win.

So, that’s what happened. Now what? We fight. We must come out in opposition to Trump, in opposition to attacks on immigrants and minorities, against the further fascistization of society. We must come out for a progressive alternative, for peace, jobs, and democracy. We must come out for an end to Wall Street rule, for an end to capitalist dictatorship. We must unite with all who can be united, go to the popular struggles, and infuse them with Leninism. We must really become Leninists, because only with Leninism have we had victory, without Leninism we have only had defeat. We must unite to struggle, struggle against fascism. It’s not here yet, but it is coming. So get out there, protest, march, make contacts, study. The U.S. left has abdicated its responsibilities for far too long. We need to grow up, and we need to do our duty.

So, just an initial general reflection on this. There is much more to be said and done. Anyways, hope you liked this! I’m planning on a more in-depth, future oriented post on this in just a bit. Any comments would be appreciated.


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